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Click the Yes button to complete
the deletion of the fi eld.
With the Client Number fi eld
selected, click the Primary Key
button to designate the Client
Number fi eld as the primary key.
Close ‘Client’
ID fi eld has
been deleted
Key button
Click the Save button to save the
changes (Figure 1–37).
When I attempted to save the table
I got an error message that
indicates index or primary key
cannot contain a null value. What
did I do wrong and how do I fi x it?
You inadvertently added a record
to the table by pressing some key
after you pressed the DOWN ARROW
key. To fi x it, click the OK button
(you will need to do it twice) and
then click the Primary Key button
to remove the primary key. Click
the Save button to save the table
and then click the View button
near the upper-left corner of the
screen to return to datasheet view.
Click the little box immediately to
the left of the record you added and
press the DELETE key. Click the Yes button when Access asks if it is OK to delete the record.
Click the View button again and continue with these steps.
Client Number
fi eld selected
key symbol indicates
Client Number fi eld is
now the primary key
Figure 1–37
Close the Client table by clicking
the Close ‘Client’ button
(Figure 1–38).
Client table no
longer appears
Client table in
Navigation pane
Figure 1–38
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