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To Add Records to a Table
Creating a table by building the structure and saving the table is the fi rst step in a two-step process. The
second step is to add records to the table. To add records to a table, the table must be open. When making changes
to tables, you work in Datasheet view. In Datasheet view , the table is represented as a collection of rows and
columns called a datasheet .
You often add records in phases. You may, for example, not have enough time to add all the records in one
session. The following steps open the Client table in Datasheet view and then add the fi rst two records in the Client
table (Figure 1–39).
Figure 1–39
Right-click the Client table in the
Navigation pane to display the
shortcut menu (Figure 1–40).
Shutter Bar
Figure 1–40
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