Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Press the TAB key to
complete the entry
of the fi rst record
(Figure 1–45).
Client Number
fi eld selected
How and when do I
save the record?
As soon as you have
entered or
modifi ed a record and
moved to another
record, the original
record is saved. This
is different from
other applications.
The rows entered in
an Excel worksheet,
for example, are not
saved until the entire
worksheet is saved.
position to enter
client number on
second record
fi rst record
and saved
positioned on
record 2 out of 2
Figure 1–45
Use the techniques
shown in Steps 3
through 6 to enter the
data for the second
record in the Client
table (Figure 1–46).
Close ‘Client’
second record
entered and saved
New (blank)
record button
Figure 1–46
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