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To Close a Table
It is a good idea to close a table as soon as you have fi nished working with it. It keeps the screen from getting
cluttered and prevents you from making accidental changes to the data in the table. The following steps close the
Client table.
Close button
Click the Close ‘Client’ button, shown
in Figure 1–46 on page AC 33, to
close the table (Figure 1–47).
Client table
no longer
clicking Shutter
Bar Open/Close
Button shows the
Navigation pane
Figure 1–47
Other Ways
1. Right-click tab for
table, click Close on
shortcut menu
Quitting Access
If you save the object on which you are currently working and then quit Access, all Access
windows close. If you have made changes to an object since the last time the object was
saved, Access displays a dialog box asking if you want to save the changes you made before
it closes that window. The dialog box contains three buttons with these resulting actions:
• Yes button — Saves the changes and then quits Access
• No button — Quits Access without saving changes
• Cancel button — Closes the dialog box and redisplays the database without saving
the changes
If no changes have been made to any object since the last time the object was saved,
Access will close all windows without displaying any dialog boxes.
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