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If a Security Warning
appears, as shown in
Figure 1–50 on the
previous page, click
the Options button to
display the Microsoft
Offi ce Security
Options dialog box
(Figure 1–51).
Microsoft Offi ce
Security Options
dialog box
Shutter Bar
Click the ‘Enable
this content’
option button.
option button to
help protect from
unknown content
option button to
enable content
Click the OK button to
enable the content.
OK button
When would I want to
disable the content?
You would want to
disable the content
if you suspected that
your database might
contain harmful content or damaging macros. Because you are the one who created the
database and no one else has used it, you should have no such suspicions.
Figure 1–51
Other Ways
1. Click Offi ce Button,
double-click fi le
name in Recent
Documents list
2. Press CTRL + O , select fi le
name, press ENTER
To Add Additional Records to a Table
You can add records to a table that already contains data using a process almost identical to that used to add
records to an empty table. The only difference is that you place the insertion point after the last data record before
you enter the additional data. To do so, use the Navigation buttons , which are buttons used to move within a table,
found near the lower-left corner of the screen when a table is open. The purpose of each of the Navigation buttons
is described in Table 1–2.
Table 1–2 Navigation Buttons in Datasheet View
First record
Moves to the fi rst record in the table
Previous record
Moves to the previous record
Next record
Moves to the next record
Last record
Moves to the last record in the table
New (blank) record
Moves to the end of the table to a position for entering a new record
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