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Click the New (blank) record
button to move to a position to
enter a new record (Figure 1–55).
Why click the New (blank) record
button? Could you just click the
Client Number on the fi rst open
record and then add the record?
You could click the Client Number
on the fi rst open record, provided
that record appears on the screen.
With only two records in the table,
this is not a problem. Once a table
contains more records than will fi t
on the screen, it is easier to click the
New (blank) record button.
Client Number fi eld
on third record
currently selected
position to type
client number
for new record
Figure 1–55
Add the records shown
in Figure 1–52, using
the same techniques
you used to add the
fi rst two records
(Figure 1–56).
Close ‘Client’
Click the Close ‘Client’
button to close
the table.
Figure 1–56
Other Ways
1. Click New button on
2. Press CTRL + PLUS
SIGN ( + )
Previewing and Printing the Contents of a Table
When working with a database, you often will need to print a copy of the table contents.
Figure 1–57 shows a printed copy of the contents of the Client table. (Yours may look
slightly different, depending on your printer.) Because the Client table is wider
substantially than the screen, it also will be wider than the normal printed page in portrait
orientation. Portrait orientation means the printout is across the width of the page.
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