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Figure 1–57
Landscape orientation means the printout is across the length (height) of the page.
Thus, to print the wide database table, use landscape orientation. If you are printing the
contents of a table that fi t on the screen, you will not need landscape orientation. A
convenient way to change to landscape orientation is to preview what the printed copy will look
like by using Print Preview. This allows you to determine whether landscape orientation
is necessary and, if it is, to change the orientation easily to landscape. In addition, you also
can use Print Preview to determine whether any adjustments are necessary to the page
To Preview and Print the Contents of a Table
The following steps use Print Preview to preview and then print the Client table.
If the Navigation
pane is hidden,
show the Navigation
pane by clicking the
Shutter Bar Open/
Close Button.
Offi ce
pane is visible
Be sure the Client
table is selected
(Figure 1–58).
Why do I have to be
sure the Client table
is selected? It is the
only object in the
There is no issue when the database contains only one object. Ensuring that the correct object is selected is a good habit
to form, however, to make sure that the object you print is the one you want.
Client table
Figure 1–58
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