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To Create an Additional Table
The JSP Recruiters database contains two tables, the Client table and the Recruiter table. You need to create
the Recruiter table and add records to it. Because you already used the default table that Access created when you
created the database, you will need to fi rst create the table. You can then add fi elds as you did with the Client table.
The fi elds to be added are Recruiter Number, Last Name, First Name, Street, City, State, Postal Code, Rate, and
Commission. The data type for the Rate fi eld is Number, and the data type for the Commission fi eld is Currency.
The data type for all other fi elds is Text. The following steps create the Recruiter table.
Click Create on the Ribbon to
display the Create tab
(Figure 1–63).
Create tab
Figure 1–63
Click the Table button on the
Create tab to create a new table
(Figure 1–64).
Could I save the table now so I can
assign it the name I want, rather
than Table1?
You certainly can. Be aware,
however, that you will still need to save
it again once you have added all
your fi elds.
Datasheet tab
position to
add new fi eld
new table open
in Datasheet view
new table
Figure 1–64
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