Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Right-click Add New Field to
display a shortcut menu.
Data Type
box arrow
Click Rename Column on the
shortcut menu to display an
insertion point.
data type
Rate fi eld
Type Recruiter Number to assign
a name to the new fi eld.
Press the DOWN ARROW key to
complete the addition of the fi eld.
fi elds entered
Data Type
box menu
Using the same technique, add the
Last Name, First Name, Street, City,
State, Postal Code, and Rate fi elds.
Figure 1–65
Click the Data Type box arrow to display the Data Type box menu (Figure 1–65).
Click Number on the
Data Type box menu
to select the Number
data type and assign
the Number data type
to the Rate fi eld.
Save button
Save As
dialog box
Add the Commission
fi eld and assign it the
Currency data type.
table name
OK button
Click the Save button
to display the Save As
dialog box
(Figure 1–66).
Figure 1–66
Type Recruiter to assign a name
to the table.
Click the OK button (Figure 1–67).
table name
changed to
Figure 1–67
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