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To Add Records to an Additional Table
The following steps add the records shown in Figure 1–74 to the Recruiter table.
Figure 1–74
Open the Recruiter
table in Datasheet
view by right-clicking
the Recruiter table in
the Navigation pane
and then clicking
Open on the
shortcut menu.
Enter the Recruiter
data from Figure 1–74
(Figure 1–75).
all records
Click in the Rate fi eld
on any of the records.
Be sure the Datasheet
tab is selected. Click
the Format box arrow
and then click each
of the formats in the
Format box menu to
see the effect on the
values in the Rate
fi eld. When fi nished,
click Fixed in the
Format box menu.
Figure 1–75
Click the Close ‘Recruiter’ button to close the table and remove the datasheet from the screen.
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