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Click the Next button to display
the next Report Wizard screen
(Figure 1–79).
What is grouping?
Grouping means creating separate
collections of records sharing
some common characteristic. For
example, you might want to
group clients in the same Postal
code or that have the same
question concerning
grouping levels
available fi elds
for grouping
fi elds in
Add Field
What if I realize that I have selected
the wrong fi elds?
You can click the Back button to
return to the previous screen and
then correct the list of fi elds. You
also could click the Cancel button
and start over.
Back button returns
to previous screen
Figure 1–79
Because you will not specify any
grouping, click the Next button in
the Report Wizard dialog box
to display the next Report
Wizard screen.
Click the box arrow in the text
box labeled 1 to display a list of
available fi elds for sorting
(Figure 1–80).
question about
sort order
box arrow
Client Number fi eld
is to be sort key
list of
fi elds
Figure 1–80
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