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Using a Form to View Data
In Datasheet view, you can view many records at once. If there are many fi elds, however,
only some of the fi elds in each record might be visible at a time. In Form view , where
data is displayed in a form on the screen, you usually can see all the fi elds, but only for one
record. To get the advantages from both, many database management systems allow you
to easily switch between Datasheet view and Form view while maintaining position within
the database. In Access 2007, you can view both a datasheet and a form simultaneously
using a split form.
To Create a Split Form
A split form combines both a datasheet and a form, thus giving the advantages of both views. The following
steps create a split form.
Select the Client
table in the
Navigation pane.
Create tab
If necessary, click
Create on the Ribbon
to display the Create
tab (Figure 1–87).
Split Form
Client table
Figure 1–87
Click the Split Form
button to create a
split form. If a Field
List appears, click
its Close button to
remove the Field
List from the screen
(Figure 1–88).
Is the form
automatically saved the way
the report was
created when I used the
Report Wizard?
No. You must take
specifi c action if
you wish to save
the form.
split form
form appears
in Layout view
Figure 1–88
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