Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Click the Save button to display the
Save As dialog box (Figure 1–89).
Save As
dialog box
position to enter
form name
OK button
Figure 1–89
Type Client Form as
the form name, and
then click the OK
button to save the form.
Close ‘Client
Form’ button
If the form appears in
Layout view, click the
Form View button on
the Access status bar
to display the form
in Form view
(Figure 1–90).
currently positioned
on fi rst record
How can I recognize
Layout view?
There are three ways.
The left end of the
Status bar will contain
the words Layout
View. There will be
shading around the
outside of the
selected fi eld in the form.
The Layout View
button will be selected in
the right end of the
Status bar.
Form View
Figure 1–90
To Use a Split Form
After you have saved a form, you can use it at any time by right-clicking the form in the Navigation pane and
then clicking Open in the shortcut menu. If you plan to use the form to enter data, you must ensure you are viewing
the form in Form view.
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