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Click the Next Record
button four times
to move to record 5
(Figure 1–91).
I inadvertently closed
the form at the end
of the previous steps.
What should I do?
Right-click the form in
the Navigation pane
and then click Open
on the shortcut menu.
on record 5
Do I have to take any
special action for the
form to be positioned
on the same record as
the datasheet?
No. The advantage to
the split form is that
changing the position
on either the datasheet
or the form automatically changes the position on the other.
Next Record
button clicked
four times
Figure 1–91
Click the Postal Code
fi eld on the second
record in the
datasheet to select the
second record in both
the datasheet and the
form (Figure 1–92).
Click several fi elds in
various records in the
datasheet and observe
the effect on
the form.
on record 2
clicked fi eld on
second record
Click the Close ‘Client
Form’ button to
remove the form from
the screen.
Figure 1–92
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