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Certifi cation
The Microsoft Certifi ed
Application Specialist
(MCAS) program provides
an opportunity for you to
obtain a valuable industry
credential — proof that
you have the Access
2007 skills required by
employers. For more
information see
Appendix F or visit the
Access 2007 Certifi cation
Web page (
Changing Document Properties
Access helps you organize and identify your databases by using database properties,
which are the details about a fi le. Database properties, also known as metadata , can
include such information as the project author, title, or subject. Keywords are words or
phrases that further describe the database. For example, a class name or database topic can
describe the fi le’s purpose or content.
Five different types of document properties exist, but the more common ones used
in this topic are standard and automatically updated properties. Standard properties
are associated with all Microsoft Offi ce documents and include author, title, and subject.
Automatically updated properties include fi le system properties, such as the date you
create or change a fi le, and statistics, such as the fi le size.
To Change Database Properties
The Database Properties dialog box contains areas where you can view and enter document properties. You
can view and change information in this dialog box at any time while you are working on your database. It is a good
idea to add your name and class name as database properties. The following steps use the Properties dialog box to
change database properties.
Click the Offi ce Button to display
the Offi ce Button menu.
Offi ce
Point to Manage on the Offi ce
Button menu to display the
Manage submenu (Figure 1–93).
What other types of actions besides
changing properties can you
take to prepare a database for
The Manage submenu provides
commands to compact and repair
a database as well as to back up a
Manage submenu
displays a list of tasks
that can be used to
manage a database
clicking Database Properties
command opens the JSP
Recruiters.accdb Properties
dialog box
Offi ce Button
Figure 1–93
Click Database Properties on the
Manage submenu to display the JSP
Recruiters.accdb Properties dialog
box (Figure 1–94).
JSP Recruiters.accdb
Properties dialog box
Why are some of the document
properties in my Properties dialog
box already fi lled in?
The person who installed Microsoft
Offi ce 2007 on your computer
or network may have set or
customized the properties.
course and section
will be typed in
Subject text box
student name
will be typed in
Author text box
Figure 1–94
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