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If necessary, click the Summary tab.
Click the Author text box and then
type your name as the Author
property. If a name already is displayed
in the Author text box, delete it
before typing your name.
Close button for
JSP Recruiters.accdb
Properties dialog box
course and
section entered
student name
Click the Subject text box, if
necessary delete any existing text,
and then type your course and
section as the Subject property.
Click the Keywords text box, if
necessary delete any existing text,
and then type Healthcare,
Recruiter as the Keywords
property (Figure 1–95).
What types of properties does
Access collect automatically?
Access records such details as when
the database was created, when
it was last modifi ed, total editing
time, and the various objects
contained in the database.
Figure 1–95
Click the OK button to save your changes and remove the JSP Recruiters.accdb Properties
dialog box from the screen.
Access Help
At any time while using Access, you can fi nd answers to questions and display
information about various topics through Access Help . Used properly, this form of
assistance can increase your productivity and reduce your frustrations by minimizing the time
you spend learning how to use Access.
This section introduces you to Access Help. Additional information about using
Access Help is available in Appendix C.
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