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To Search for Access Help
Using Access Help, you can search for information based on phrases, such as create a form or change a data
type, or key terms, such as copy, save, or format. Access Help responds with a list of search results displayed as links
to a variety of resources. The following steps, which use Access Help to search for information about creating a
form, assume you are connected to the Internet.
Click the Microsoft
Offi ce Access Help
button near the
corner of the Access
window to open the
Access Help window.
Access Help allows you to
search for information based
on phrases or key terms
Microsoft Offi ce
Access Help button
Type create a
form in the ‘Type
words to search
for’ text box at the
top of the Access
Help window
(Figure 1–96).
Type words to
search for text box
Figure 1–96
Press the ENTER
key to display the
search results.
fi rst 25 results
are displayed
clicking these links
displays other pages
with links about
creating a form
Access Help
Click the Maximize
button on the
Access Help
window title bar to
maximize the Help
window unless it is
already maximized
(Figure 1–97).
Create a split
form link
Where is the Access
window with the JSP
Recruiters database?
Access is open in the
background, but the
Access Help window
sits on top of the
Access window.
When the Access
Help window is
closed, the database
will reappear.
search results
display different
icons, depending
on type of link
Microsoft Access
window in
Figure 1–97
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