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Windows XP
Windows XP
Windows XP
Figure 1–1
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition is designed for entertainment and home
use. Home Edition allows you to establish in the home a network of computers that share
a single Internet connection, share devices such as a printer and a scanner, share fi les and
folders, and play multicomputer games.
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition is designed for use with a Media
Center PC. A Media Center PC is a home entertainment desktop personal computer that
includes a mid- to high-end processor, large capacity hard disk, CD and DVD drives, a
remote control, and advanced graphics and audio capabilities. Microsoft Windows XP
Tablet PC Edition is designed for use on a special type of notebook computer, called a
tablet PC. A tablet PC allows you to write on the device’s screen using a digital pen and
convert the handwriting into characters the tablet PC can process. A Windows XP 64-Bit
Edition also is available for individuals solving complex scientifi c problems, developing
high-performance design and engineering applications, or creating 3-D animations.
As you read through this chapter, you will learn how to use the Windows XP
commands by performing these general tasks:
• Start the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.
• Log on to the computer and log off from the computer.
• Perform basic mouse operations.
• Display the Start menu and start an application program.
• Open, minimize, maximize, restore, move, size, scroll, and close a window.
• Display drive and folder contents.
• Create folders and download folders from the Internet.
• Copy, move, rename, delete, and search for fi les.
• Use Help and Support.
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