Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
20. Create Additional Reports (AC 56)
21. Create a Split Form (AC 57)
22. Use a Split Form (AC 58)
23. Change Database Properties (AC 60)
24. Search for Access Help (AC 62)
25. Quit Access (AC 63)
If you have a SAM user profi le, you may have access to hands-on instruction, practice, and
assessment. Log in to your SAM account ( to launch any assigned
training activities or exams that relate to the skills covered in this chapter.
Learn It Online
Test your knowledge of chapter content and key terms.
Instructions: To complete the Learn It Online exercises, start your browser, click the Address bar, and
then enter the Web address . When the Access 2007 Learn It Online
page is displayed, click the link for the exercise you want to complete and then read the instructions.
Chapter Reinforcement TF, MC, and SA
A series of true/false, multiple choice, and short
answer questions that test your knowledge of the
chapter content.
Who Wants To Be a Computer Genius?
An interactive game that challenges your
knowledge of chapter content in the style of a
television quiz show.
Flash Cards
An interactive learning environment where
you identify chapter key terms associated with
displayed defi nitions.
Wheel of Terms
An interactive game that challenges your
knowledge of chapter key terms in the style of the
television show Wheel of Fortune .
Practice Test
A series of multiple choice questions that test your
knowledge of chapter content and key terms.
Crossword Puzzle Challenge
A crossword puzzle that challenges your
knowledge of key terms presented in the chapter.
Apply Your Knowledge
Reinforce the skills and apply the concepts you learned in this chapter.
Changing Data, Creating a Form, and Creating a Report
Instructions: Start Access. Open the The Bike Delivers database. See the inside back cover of this topic
for instructions for downloading the Data Files for Students, or see your instructor for information on
accessing the fi les required in this topic.
The Bike Delivers uses motorbikes to provide courier services for local businesses. The Bike
Delivers has a database that keeps track of its couriers and customers. The database has two tables.
The Customer table (Figure 1–99a) contains data on the customers who use the services of The Bike
Delivers. The Courier table (Figure 1–99b) contains data on the individuals employed by The Bike
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