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In Depth Information
(a) Customer Table
(b) Courier Table
Figure 1–99
Perform the following tasks:
1. Open the Customer table and change the Courier Number for customer KL55 to 113.
2. Close the Customer table.
3. Create a split form for the Courier table. Use the name Courier for the form.
4. Open the form you created and change the street address for Michelle Hyde to 65 Park.
5. Close the Courier form.
6. Create the report shown in Figure 1–100 for the Customer table. The report uses the Module style.
7. Change the database properties, as specifi ed by your instructor. Submit the revised database in the
format specifi ed by your instructor.
Figure 1–100
Extend Your Knowledge
Extend the skills you learned in this chapter and experiment with new skills. You may need to
use Help to complete the assignment.
Changing Formats and Creating Grouped and Sorted Reports
Instructions: Start Access. Open the Camden Scott College database. See the inside back cover of
this topic for instructions for downloading the Data Files for Students, or see your instructor for
information on accessing the fi les required in this topic.
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