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In Depth Information
SciFi Scene is a database containing information on science fi ction books. The Book table shown
in Figure 1–102 contains a number of errors in the table structure. You are to correct these errors before
any additional records can be added to the table. Book Code, not ID, is the primary key for the Book
table. The column heading Titel is misspelled. The On Hand fi eld represents the number of books on
hand. The fi eld will be used in arithmetic operations. Only whole numbers should be stored in the fi eld.
The Price fi eld represents the price of the book. The current data type does not refl ect this information.
Change the database properties, as specifi ed by your instructor. Submit the revised database in the
format specifi ed by your instructor.
Figure 1–102
In the Lab
Design, create, modify, and/or use a database using the guidelines, concepts, and skills
presented in this chapter. Labs are listed in order of increasing diffi culty.
Lab 1: Creating the JMS TechWizards Database
Problem: JMS TechWizards is a local company that provides technical services to several small
businesses in the area. The company currently keeps its records in two Excel workbooks. One Excel
workbook (Figure 1–103a) contains information on the clients that JMS TechWizards serves. The
other Excel workbook (Figure 1–103b) contains information on the technicians that JMS employs. JMS
would like to store this data in a database and has asked for your help.
(a) Client Data (Excel Workbook)
(b) Technician Data (Excel Workbook)
Figure 1–103
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