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•• 5: Design a Database that Tracks Student Data
Working Together
Keeping track of students is an enormous task for school administrators. Microsoft Access can help
school administrators manage student data. The Database Wizard includes a Students template that
can create a database that will maintain many different types of data on students, such as allergies,
medications, and emergency contact information.
Have each member of your team explore the features of the Database Wizard and determine
individually which tables and fi elds should be included in a Students database. As a group, review your
choices and decide on one common design. Prepare a short paper for your instructor that explains why
your team chose the particular database design.
After agreeing on the database design, assign one member to create the database using the
Database Wizard. Every other team member should contribute data and add the data to the database.
Submit your assignment in the format specifi ed by your instructor.
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