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Creating Queries
Queries are simply questions, the answers to which are in the database. Access contains
a powerful query feature. Through the use of this feature, you can fi nd the answers to a
wide variety of complex questions.
To Use the Simple Query Wizard to Create a Query
Once you have examined the question you wish to ask to determine the fi elds involved in the question, you can
begin creating the query. If there are no restrictions involved in the query, nor any special order or calculations, you
can use the Simple Query wizard. The following steps use the Simple Query wizard to create a query to display the
number, name, and recruiter number of all clients.
If the Navigation
pane is hidden,
click the Shutter
Bar Open/Close
Button to show the
Navigation pane.
Create tab
Query Wizard
Shutter Bar
Simple Query
Wizard already
Be sure the Client
table is selected.
Client table
Click Create on the
Ribbon to display the
Create tab.
Click the Query
Wizard button on the
Create tab to display
the New Query
dialog box (Figure 2–2).
New Query
dialog box
OK button
Figure 2–2
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