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To Use a Criterion in a Query
After you have determined the fi elds to be included in a query, you will determine whether there are any
restrictions on the records that are to be included. For example, you might only want to include those clients
whose recruiter number is 24. In such a case, you need to enter the 24 as a criterion , which is a condition that
the records to be included must satisfy. To do so, you will open the query in Design view, enter the criterion below
the appropriate fi eld, and then view the results of the query. The following steps enter a criterion to include only the
clients of recruiter 24 and then view the query results.
Right-click Client Query to produce
a shortcut menu (Figure 2–6).
clicking Open opens
the query in Datasheet
view and displays the
query results
Client Query
clicking Design View
opens the query
in Design view
so you can make
modifi cations
shortcut menu
Figure 2–6
Click Design View on the shortcut
menu to open the query in Design
view (Figure 2–7).
Client query
open in
Design view
fi eld list
fi elds
design grid
Criteria row
position to
enter criterion
for Recruiter
Number fi eld
Figure 2–7
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