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Click the Criteria row in the
Recruiter Number column of
the grid, and then type 24 as the
criterion (Figure 2–8).
View button (icon
indicates clicking
button would change
to Datasheet view)
The Recruiter Number fi eld is a
text fi eld. Do I need to enclose
the value for a text fi eld in
quotation marks?
You could, but it is not necessary,
because Access inserts the
quotation marks for you
View button
arrow (clicking
produces list of
available views)
(recruiter number
must be 24)
Figure 2–8
Click the View button to display
the results in Datasheet view
(Figure 2–9).
Could I click the View
button arrow and then click
Datasheet view?
Yes. If the icon representing the
view you want appears on the
View button, however, it is easier
just to click the button.
Close ‘Client
Query’ button
are all 24
query results
Figure 2–9
Close the Client Query window by clicking the Close ‘Client Query’ button.
When asked if you want to save your changes, click the No button.
If I saved the query, what would happen the next time I ran the query?
You would see only clients of recruiter 24.
Other Ways
1. Click Run button on
2. Click Datasheet View
button on status bar
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