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To Print the Results of a Query
To print the results of a query, use the same techniques you learned in Chapter 1
on pages AC 41 and AC 42 to print the data in the table. The following steps print the
current query results.
1 With the Client Query selected in the Navigation pane, click the Offi ce Button.
2 Point to Print on the Offi ce button menu.
3 Click Quick Print on the Print submenu.
To Create a Query in Design View
Most of the time you will use Design view to create queries. Once you have created a new query in Design
view, you can specify fi elds, criteria, sorting, calculations, and so on. The following steps create a new query in
Design view.
Hide the
Navigation pane.
Create tab
Click Create on the
Ribbon to display
the Create tab.
new query
Click the Query
Design button to
create a new query
(Figure 2–10).
Is it necessary
to hide the
Navigation pane?
No. It gives you
more room for the
query, however, so
it is usually a good
practice to hide it.
no fi eld list
Show Table dialog box
appears automatically
when you create a
new query
pane hidden
Client table
Add button
Close button
Figure 2–10
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