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Microsoft Windows XP Professional
The computer software associated with the user interface consists of the programs
that engage you in dialogue (Figure 1–2 on the previous page). The computer software
determines the messages you receive, the manner in which you should respond, and the
actions that occur, based on your responses.
The goal of an effective user interface is to be user-friendly , which means the
software can be used easily by individuals with limited training. A graphical user interface ,
or GUI (pronounced gooey), is a user interface that displays graphics in addition to text
when it communicates with the user.
Starting Microsoft Windows XP
When you turn on the computer, an introductory black screen consisting of the
Microsoft Windows XP logo, progress bar, copyright messages (Copyright © Microsoft
Corporation), and the word, Microsoft, are displayed. After a short time, the Welcome
screen is displayed (Figure 1–3).
XP logo
user icons
and names
Turn off
computer icon
Figure 1–3
The Welcome screen shows the names of every computer user on the computer.
Clicking the user icon or user name begins the process of logging on to the computer.
The list of user icons and names on the Welcome screen on your computer will be different.
Clicking the Turn off computer icon at the bottom of the screen initiates the process of
shutting down the computer.
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