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With the Client table
selected, click the
Add button in the
Show Table dialog
box to add the Client
table to the query.
fi eld list
resized so all
fi elds appear
Click the Close
button in the Show
Table dialog box to
remove the dialog
box from the screen.
What if I
inadvertently add
the wrong table?
Right-click the table
that you added in
error and click
Remove Table on the
shortcut menu. You
also can just close
the query, indicate
that you don’t want
to save it, and then
start over.
include asterisk (*)
in design grid to
display all fi elds in
query results
fi eld in fi eld
list to add fi eld
to design grid
drag lower
edge of fi eld
list to resize
fi eld list
design grid
to specify
sort order
to enter
Drag the lower edge
of the fi eld box
down far enough
so all fi elds in the
Client table appear
(Figure 2–11).
How do I drag the
lower edge?
Point to the lower edge, press and hold the left mouse button, move the mouse pointer to the new position for the
lower edge, and then release the left mouse button. While the mouse pointer points to the lower edge of the fi eld list,
its shape changes to a two-headed arrow.
Figure 2–11
Is it essential that I resize the fi eld box?
No. You can always scroll through the list of fi elds using the scroll bar. If you can resize the fi eld box so all fi elds appear,
it is usually more convenient.
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