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to which the criterion applies. For example, to indicate that the client number must be
FD89, you fi rst must add the Client Number fi eld to the design grid. You then would type
FD89 in the Criteria row below the Client Number fi eld.
To Use Text Data in a Criterion
To use text data (data in a fi eld whose data type is Text) in criteria, simply type the text in the Criteria row
below the corresponding fi eld name. The following steps query the Client table and display the client number, client
name, amount paid, and current due amount of client FD89.
Click the Criteria row for the
Client Number fi eld to produce an
insertion point.
View button
Type FD89 as the criterion
(Figure 2–13).
mouse pointer
shape is I-beam
Figure 2–13
Click the View
button to display
the query results (Figure 2–14).
I noticed that there is a View
button on both the Home tab and
the Design tab. Do they both have
the same effect?
Yes. Use whichever one you fi nd
most convenient.
View button
query results
only client FD89
is included
Figure 2–14
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