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To Use Criteria for a Field Not Included in the Results
In some cases, you may have criteria for a particular fi eld that should not appear in the results of the query. For
example, you may want to see the client number, client name, address, and amount paid for all clients located in
Berridge. The criteria involve the City fi eld, which is not one of the fi elds to be included in the results.
To enter a criterion for the City fi eld, it must be included in the design grid. Normally, this also would mean it
would appear in the results. To prevent this from happening, remove the check mark from its Show check box in the
Show row of the grid. The following steps display the client number, client name, amount paid, and current due for
clients located in Berridge.
Click the View
button to return
to Design view.
Erase the criterion
in the Client
Name fi eld.
City fi eld added
Show check box
for City fi eld
Include the City fi eld
in the query.
Type Berridge
as the criterion
for the City fi eld
(Figure 2–17).
criterion for
City fi eld
criterion for
Client Name
fi eld erased
Figure 2–17
Click the Show check
box for the City fi eld
to remove the check
mark (Figure 2–18).
Could I have
removed the check
mark before
entering the
Yes. The order in
which you performed
the two operations
does not matter.
View button
check mark removed
from Show check box
indicating that City
fi eld will not appear
in query results
Access automatically
adds quotation marks
Figure 2–18
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