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To Create a Parameter Query
The following steps create a parameter query that prompts the user to enter a city, and then displays the client
number, client name, amount paid, and current due for all clients located in that city.
Return to Design view.
Erase the current
criterion in the City
column, and then
type [Enter City]
as the new criterion
(Figure 2–20).
What is the purpose of
the square brackets?
The square brackets
indicate that the text
entered is not text
that the value in the
column must match.
Without the brackets,
for example, Access
would search for
records on which the
city is Enter City.
View button
criterion for city
fi eld changed
to Enter City
value enclosed in
square brackets
What if I typed a
fi eld name in the
square brackets?
Access would simply
use the value in that
fi eld. In order to create
a parameter query, it is
essential that the text
typed in the square
brackets not be a
fi eld name.
Figure 2–20
Click the View button to display
the Enter Parameter Value dialog
box (Figure 2–21).
Enter Parameter
Value dialog box
message you
entered in square
brackets as criterion
position to
enter city
OK button
Figure 2–21
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