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Type Fort Stewart as the
parameter value in the Enter City
text box and then click the OK
button (Figure 2–22).
Try other characters between the
square brackets. In each case, view
the results. When fi nished, change
the characters between the square
brackets back to Enter City.
query results
only clients located
in Fort Stewart are
Figure 2–22
Each time you use this query, you will be asked to enter a city. Only clients in the
city you enter will be included in the results.
To Save a Query
In many cases, you will want to repeatedly use the queries you construct. By saving the query, you eliminate
the need to repeat all your entries. The following steps save the query you just have created and assign it the name
Client-City Query.
Save button
Click the Save button on the Quick
Access Toolbar to open the Save
As dialog box.
Can I also save from Design view?
Yes. You can save the query when
you view it in Design view just
as you can save the query when
you view the query results in
Datasheet view.
Save As
dialog box
Type Client-City Query in
the Query Name text box
(Figure 2–23).
name of
OK button
Figure 2–23
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