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To Use a Number in a Criterion
To enter a number in a criterion, type the number without any dollar signs or commas. The following steps
display all clients whose current due amount is $0.00.
Hide the Navigation pane.
Click Create on the Ribbon to
display the Create tab.
Click the Query Design button to
create a new query.
With the Client table selected,
click the Add button in the Show
Table dialog box to add the Client
table to the query.
Click the Close button in the Show
Table dialog box to remove the
dialog box from the screen.
Drag the lower edge of the fi eld
box down far enough so all fi elds
in the Client table are displayed.
fi elds
Include the Client Number, Client
Name, Amount Paid, and Current
Due fi elds in the query.
Type 0 as the criterion for the
Current Due fi eld (Figure 2–26).
Do I need to enter a dollar sign
and decimal point?
No. Access will interpret 0 as $0.00,
because the data type for the Current Due fi eld is currency.
criterion for
Current Due fi eld
Figure 2–26
View the query results
(Figure 2–27).
Why did Access display the results
as $0.00 when I only entered 0?
Access uses the format for the
fi eld to determine how to display
the result. In this case the format
indicated that Access should
include the dollar sign and
decimal point.
only clients whose
Current Due amount
is $0.00 are included
Figure 2–27
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