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To Omit Duplicates
When you sort data, duplicates normally are included. In Figure 2–37 on the previous page, for example, Berridge
appeared twice, as did Fort Stewart and Tarleton. These duplicates do not add any value, so you can eliminate them
from the results. To eliminate duplicates, display the query’s property sheet. A property sheet is a window containing
the various properties of the object. To omit duplicates, you will use the property sheet to change the Unique Values
property from No to Yes.
The following steps produce a sorted list of the cities in the Client table in which each city is listed only once.
Return to Design view.
Click the second fi eld in the
design grid (the empty fi eld
following City).
Design tab
If necessary, click Design on the
Ribbon to display the Design tab.
Click the Property Sheet button
on the Design tab to display the
property sheet (Figure 2–38).
My property sheet looks different.
What should I do?
If your sheet looks different, you
clicked the wrong place and will
have to close the property sheet
and repeat this step.
sheet for
insertion point
in fi rst empty
insertion point
in fi rst empty
Figure 2–38
Click the Unique Values property
box, and then click the arrow that
appears to produce a menu of
available choices for Unique Values
(Figure 2–39).
Close button for
property sheet
Unique Values
property box
Unique Values
property box
select Yes to specify
unique values in
query results
menu of available
choices for Unique
Values property
Figure 2–39
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