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To Change Join Properties
Normally records that do not match do not appear in the results of a join query. A recruiter such as Jan Lee,
for whom no clients currently exist, for example, would not appear. To cause such a record to be displayed, you need
to change the join properties , which are the properties that indicate which records appear in a join, of the query, as
in the following steps.
Return to Design view.
Right-click the join line to produce
a shortcut menu (Figure 2–51).
I don’t see Join Properties on my
shortcut menu. What should I do?
If Join Properties does not appear
on your shortcut menu, you did
not point to the appropriate
portion of the join line. You will need
to point to the correct portion and
right-click again.
saved query
join line
Figure 2–51
Click Join Properties on the shortcut
menu to display the Join Properties
dialog box (Figure 2–52).
dialog box
How do the options in the Join
Properties dialog box match the
various types of joins described
Option button 1 gives an inner
join, option button 2 gives a left
join, and option button 3 gives a
right join.
option button
to include only
records that match
option button to
include all records
from Recruiter
regardless of
whether they match
any clients
option button
to include all
records from Client
regardless of
whether they match
any recruiters
OK button
Figure 2–52
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