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In Depth Information
Show the Navigation pane and be
sure the Recruiter-Client Query is
selected in the Navigation pane.
Create tab
I have two copies of
Recruiter-Client Query. Does it
matter which one I use?
No. There are two copies because
the recruiter-Client Query involves
two tables. It does not matter
which one you select.
Report Wizard
available fi elds are in
the Recruiter-Client
Click Create on the Ribbon to
display the Create tab.
Report Wizard
dialog box
Click the Report Wizard button to
display the Report Wizard dialog
box (Figure 2–55).
Add All Fields
Next button
Figure 2–55
Click the Add All Fields button
to add all the fi elds in the
Recruiter-Client Query.
grouping levels
Click the Next button to display
the next Report Wizard screen
(Figure 2–56).
Next button
Figure 2–56
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