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Instead of clicking Zoom on the shortcut menu, you can click Build. Access displays
the Expression Builder dialog box that provides assistance in creating the expression. If
you know the expression you will need, however, it is often easier to enter it using the
Zoom command.
To Change a Caption
You can change the way items appear in the results of a query by changing their format. You also can change a
query result’s heading at the top of a column by changing the caption. Just as when you omitted duplicates, you will
make this change by using a property sheet. In the property sheet, you can change the desired property, such as the
format, the number of decimal places, or the caption. The following steps change the caption of the Amount Paid
fi eld to Paid and the caption of the Current Due fi eld to Due.
Return to
Design view.
Property Sheet
Design tab
Click Design on the
Ribbon to display the
Design tab.
Close button for
property sheet
Click the Amount
Paid fi eld in the
design grid, and then
click the Property
Sheet button on the
Design tab.
Click the Caption
box, and then type
Paid as the caption
(Figure 2–64).
new value
for Caption
My property sheet
looks different. What
should I do?
If your sheet looks
different, you clicked
the wrong place and
will have to close the
property sheet and
repeat this step.
need to select
Amount Paid
fi eld
Figure 2–64
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