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Figure 3–1 summarizes some of the various types of activities involved in maintaining
the JSP Recruiters database.
Change the appearance
of a datasheet
Search for records
Add, change, and
delete records
Specify default values
singlevalued and multivalued
Lookup fields
Filter records
Change the structure
of a table
Sort records
Use subdatasheets
Use update and
delete queries
Specify relationships
Create validation rules
Compact and repair
a database
Backup a database
Figure 3–1
As you read through this chapter, you will learn how to maintain a database by
performing these general tasks:
• Add, change, and delete records.
• Filter records so that only those records that satisfy some criterion appear in a
datasheet or form.
• Change the structure of a table.
• Make mass changes to a table.
• Create validation rules to ensure that the database contains only valid data.
• Change the appearance of a datasheet.
• Enforce relationships by creating referential integrity.
• Order records.
• Perform special database operations such as backing up a database and compacting a
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