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AC 142
Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
form, that is, a form that does not contain a datasheet. Whether you use a simple form
or the form portion of a split form, you can use the form to update the table. To add new
records, change existing records, or delete records, you use the same techniques you used
in Datasheet view. The following steps create a simple form and then add a record to the
Client table using the form.
To Create a Simple Form
Rather than using a split form, you may wish just to view the data in a form without also having a datasheet on
the screen. If you already have created such a form, you can open it. If not, you can create a simple form to use. The
following steps create a simple form.
Show the Navigation pane if it is
currently hidden.
Create tab
If necessary, click the Client table
in the Navigation pane to select it.
Click Create on the Ribbon to
display the Create tab (Figure 3–2).
Navigation pane
Figure 3–2
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