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The Windows XP Desktop
WIN 11
Folders A folder is a named location on a disk where fi les are stored. Each
folder is identifi ed by a folder icon and folder name. Some folders include a symbol.
In Figure 1–11, the Freshman folder consists of a yellow folder icon and folder name
(Freshman) and the My Music folder consists of a yellow folder icon, folder name (My
Music), and symbol (musical note).
Figure 1–11
To Add an Icon to the Desktop
You may want to add additional icons to the desktop. For example, you may want to add the My Computer icon
to the desktop so you can view the contents of the computer easily. One method of adding the My Computer icon to
the desktop is to right-click the My Computer command on the Start menu. Right-click means you press and release
the secondary mouse button, which in this topic is the right mouse button. As directed when using the primary mouse
button to click an object, normally you will point to the object before you right-click it. The following steps add the
My Computer icon to the desktop.
Click the Start button to display the
Start menu.
Right-click My Computer on
the Start menu to select the My
Computer command and display a
shortcut menu (Figure 1–12).
highlighted My Computer
What is a shortcut menu?
A shortcut menu appears when you
right-click an object and includes
commands specifi cally for use with
the object clicked.
nine commands
on shortcut menu
Show on Desktop
Start button
Start menu
Figure 1–12
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