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Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
To Use a Form to Add Records
Once a form is open in Form view you can add records using the same techniques you used to add records in
Datasheet view. The following steps use the form just created to add records.
Click the New (blank) record
button on the Navigation bar to enter
a new record, and then type the
data for the new record as shown
in Figure 3–5. Press the TAB key
after typing the data in each fi eld,
except after typing the data for
the fi nal fi eld (Recruiter Number).
Close ‘Client’
Press the TAB key to complete the
entry of the record.
Click the Close ‘Client’ button to
close the Client form.
Click the No button when asked if
you want to save your changes.
data for
new record
Why not save the form?
If you wish to use this form
frequently in the future, you
would probably save it. It is very
easy to re-create the form
whenever you need it, however.
Figure 3–5
Other Ways
1. Click New button on
2. Press CTRL + PLUS SIGN (+)
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