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Updating Records
AC 145
To Search for a Record
In the database environment, searching means looking for records that satisfy some criteria. Looking for the
client whose number is MH56 is an example of searching. The queries in Chapter 2 also were examples of searching.
Access had to locate those records that satisfi ed the criteria.
A need for searching also exists when using Form view or Datasheet view. To update client MH56, for
example, fi rst you need to fi nd the client.
The following steps show how to search for the client whose number is MH56.
Right-click Client Form in the
Navigation pane and click Open
on the shortcut menu to open the
form in Form view.
click Replace button
to change data
Hide the Navigation pane
(Figure 3–6).
Client Number
fi eld selected
Which command on the shortcut
menu gives me Form view? I see
both Layout view and Design
view, but no option for Form view.
The Open command opens the
form in Form view.
split form
Figure 3–6
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