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AC 146
Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
Click the Find
button on the Home
tab to display the
Find and Replace
dialog box.
Type MH56 in the
Find What text box.
client MH56 found
Click the Find Next
button in the Find
and Replace dialog
box to fi nd client
MH56 (Figure 3–7).
Find and Replace
dialog box
click Replace tab
to change data
Can I also fi nd
records in Datasheet
view or in Form view?
Yes. You use the
same process to fi nd
records whether
you are viewing the
data with split form,
in Datasheet view,
or in Form view.
value for which
to search
Find Next
fi eld in which to search
(Client Number)
scope of the search
(all records)
portion that must
match (Whole Field)
Match Case check
box unchecked so
search will not be
case sensitive
Search Fields As Formatted
check box currently
checked so formatting will
be considered in search
Find records using
other client
numbers. Try to fi nd a
record using a client
number that does not
exist. Click in a different fi eld and try to fi nd records based on the value in that fi eld. Try to
use wildcards just as you did in queries. When done, once again locate client MH56.
Figure 3–7
Click the Cancel button in the Find and Replace dialog box to remove the dialog box from
the screen.
Why does the button in the dialog box read Find Next rather than simply Find?
In some cases, after locating a record that satisfi es a criterion, you might need to fi nd the
next record that satisfi es the same criterion. For example, if you just found the fi rst client
whose recruiter number is 24, you then may want to fi nd the second such client, then the
third, and so on. To do so, click the Find Next button. You will not need to retype the value
each time.
Can I replace one value with another using this dialog box?
Yes. Either click the Replace button on the Ribbon or the Replace tab in the Find and Replace
dialog box. You then can enter both the value to fi nd and the replacement value.
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + F
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