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Updating Records AC 147
To Update the Contents of a Record
After locating the record to be changed, select the fi eld to be changed by clicking the fi eld. You also can press
the TAB key repeatedly. Then make the appropriate changes. (Clicking the fi eld automatically produces an insertion
point. If you use the TAB key, you will need to press F 2 to produce an insertion point.)
The following step uses Form view to change the name of client MH56 from Maun Hospital to Munn Hospital
by deleting the letters au and then inserting the letters un after the letter M.
Click in the Client Name fi eld in the
datasheet for client MH56 after the
letter M to select the fi eld.
Press the DELETE key twice to
delete the letters au.
Type the letters un after the
letter M.
Press the TAB key to complete the
change and move to the next fi eld
(Figure 3–8).
Could I have changed the contents
of the fi eld in the form?
Yes. You fi rst will need to ensure
the record to be changed appears
in the form. You can then change
the value just as in the datasheet.
name change
refl ected in
Do I need to save my change?
No. Once you move to another
record or close this table, the
change to the name will become
Figure 3–8
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