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Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
To Delete a Record
When records no longer are needed, delete the records (remove them) from the table. If client EA45 no
longer is served by JSP Recruiters and its fi nal payment is made, the record can be deleted. The following steps
delete client EA45.
With the Client Form open, click
the record selector in the
datasheet (the small box that appears
to the left of the fi rst fi eld) of
the record on which the client
number is EA45 (Figure 3–9).
That technique works in the
datasheet portion. How do I select the
record in the form portion?
With the desired record appearing
in the form, click the record
selector (the triangle in front
of the record) to select the
entire record.
record selector
on form
record to
be deleted
record selector
in datasheet
Figure 3–9
Press the DELETE key to delete the
record (Figure 3–10).
Microsoft Offi ce
Access dialog box
Click the Yes button to complete
the deletion.
message indicates
you are about to
delete 1 record
Close the Client Form by clicking
the Close ‘Client Form’ button.
Yes button
No button
Figure 3–10
Other Ways
1. Click Delete button on
Filtering Records
You can use the Find button in either Datasheet view or Form view to locate a record
quickly that satisfi es some criterion (for example, the client number is MH56). All records
appear, however, not just the record or records that satisfy the criterion. To have only the
record or records that satisfy the criterion appear, use a fi lter . Four types of fi lters are
available: Filter By Selection, Common Filters, Filter By Form, and Advanced Filter/Sort.
You can use a fi lter in either Datasheet view or Form view.
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