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Filtering Records
AC 149
Determine whether you should fi lter records.
If you determine that it is desirable to have only those records that satisfy some criterion
appear, you have two choices. You can create a query or create a fi lter. The following
guidelines apply to this decision.
1. If you think that you frequently will want to display records that satisfy precisely this same
criterion, you should consider creating a query whose results only contain the records that
satisfy the criterion. To display those records in the future, simply open the query.
2. If you are viewing data in a datasheet or form and decide you want to restrict the
records to be included, it is easier to create a fi lter than create a query. You can create
and use the fi lter while you are viewing the data.
3. If you have created a fi lter that you would like to be able to use again in the future, you
can save the fi lter as a query.
If you have decided that it is appropriate to use a fi lter, you need to decide which type
of fi lter to use.
1. If your criterion for fi ltering is that the value in a particular fi eld matches or does not
match a certain specifi c value, you can use Filter By Selection.
2. If your criterion only involves a single fi eld but is more complex, for example, that the
value in the fi eld begins with a certain collection of letters, you can use a Common Filter.
3. If your criterion involves more than one fi eld, use Filter By Form.
4. If your criterion involves more than a single And or Or, or if it involves sorting, you will
probably fi nd it simpler to use Advanced Filter/Sort.
To Use Filter By Selection
The simplest type of fi lter is called Filter By Selection . To use Filter By Selection, you give Access an
example of the data you want by selecting the data within the table. You then choose the option you want on the
Selection menu. If you have determined that you only want to display those clients located in Berridge, Filter
By Selection is appropriate. The following steps use Filter By Selection in Datasheet view to display only the records
for clients in Berridge.
Open the Client form and hide the
Navigation pane.
Click the City fi eld on the fi rst
record in the datasheet portion of
the form to select Berridge as the
city (Figure 3–11).
Could I have selected the City fi eld
on the fourth record, which is also
Yes. It does not matter which
record you select as long as the
city is Berridge.
City fi eld on
fi rst record
Figure 3–11
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