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Filtering Records
AC 151
To Toggle a Filter
The following step toggles the fi lter to redisplay all records.
Click the Toggle Filter button
on the Home tab to toggle the
fi lter and redisplay all records
(Figure 3–14).
Does that action clear the fi lter?
No. The fi lter is still in place. If
you click the Toggle Filter button
a second time, you again will see
only the fi ltered records.
all records once
again appear
data is not fi ltered
Figure 3–14
Once you have fi nished using a fi lter, you can clear the fi lter. After doing so, you
no longer will be able to use the fi lter by pressing the Toggle Filter button. To clear a
fi lter, you use the following steps.
1. Click the Advanced button on the Home tab.
2. Click Clear All Filters on the Advanced menu.
Using Wildcards in
Both the question mark
(?) and the asterisk (*)
wildcards can be used
in fi lters created using
Advanced Filter/Sort.
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