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To Use a Common Filter
You can fi lter individual fi elds by clicking the arrow to the right of the fi eld name and using a Common Filter.
If you have determined you want to include those clients whose city begins with Ber, Filter By Selection would not
be appropriate. You would need to use a Common Filter. The following steps use a common fi lter to include only
those clients whose city begins with Ber.
Be sure the Home tab is selected.
Click the City arrow to display the
common fi lter menu.
clear any existing fi lter
for this fi eld (currently
there is none)
sort the data
in the column
Point to the Text Filters command
to display the custom text fi lters
(Figure 3–15).
I selected the City fi eld and then
clicked the Filter button on the
Home tab. My screen looks the
same. Is this right?
Yes. That is another legitimate way
to display the common fi lter menu.
display custom
text fi lters
With fi lter
check box to select
or deselect all values
check boxes to
include specifi c values
custom text fi lters
City arrow
Figure 3–15
Click Begins With to display the
Custom Filter dialog box.
Type Ber as the City begins with
value (Figure 3–16).
If I wanted certain cities included,
could I use the check boxes?
Yes. Be sure the cities you want are
the only ones checked. One way
to do this is to click the Select All
check box to remove all the check
marks and then click the check
boxes for the cities you want to
include. Another way is to clear the
check boxes for the cities you don’t
want. Use whichever technique
you fi nd more convenient.
Custom Filter
dialog box
begins with
value (Ber)
OK button
Try other options in the Common
Filter menu to see their effect.
When done, once again select
those clients whose city begins
with Ber.
Figure 3–16
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