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Filtering Records
AC 153
Click the OK button to fi lter the
records (Figure 3–17). (Your order
may be different.)
Can I use the same technique in
Form view?
In Form view, you would need to
click the fi eld and then click the
Filter button to display the
Common Filter menu. The rest of
the process would be the same.
Toggle Filter
only clients whose
city begins with
Ber are included
Click the Toggle Filter button on
the Home tab to toggle the fi lter
and redisplay all records.
Figure 3–17
To Use Filter By Form
Filter By Selection is a quick and easy way to fi lter by the value in a single fi eld. For more complex criteria,
however, it is not appropriate. For example, if you determined you only wanted those clients whose postal code is
80330 and whose amount paid is 0, you could not use either the Filter by Selection or the Common Filter processes.
Rather, you would use Filter By Form . The following steps use Filter By Form to restrict the records that appear.
Click the Advanced button on the
Home tab to display the Advanced
menu (Figure 3–18).
Clear All Filters
Advanced button
Filter By Form
Advanced menu
Figure 3–18
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