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WIN 12
Windows XP Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP
Click Show on Desktop to close
the shortcut menu and display the
My Computer icon on the desktop
(Figure 1–13).
My Computer
icon now appears
on the desktop
My Computer icon is
displayed in the upper
left corner of the desktop
Why should I use a shortcut menu?
A shortcut menu speeds up your
work and adds fl exibility to your
interaction with the computer.
Click an open area on the desktop
to close the Start menu.
Start menu
My Computer
menu closes
open area on
the desktop
Figure 1–13
Other Ways
1. Right-click desktop, click
Properties on shortcut
menu, click Desktop
tab, click Customize
Desktop, click icon title,
click OK button, click
OK button
To Open a Window by Double-Clicking a Desktop Icon
When a window icon is displayed on the desktop, you might want to open the window to examine the window
contents. One method to open a window from the icon is to double-click the icon. Double-click means you quickly
press and release the left mouse button twice without moving the mouse. In most cases, you must point to an item
before you double-click. The step on the following page opens the My Computer window on the desktop by double-clicking
the My Computer icon on the desktop.
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